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Commercial Lending, Structured Finance and Securitization

Rubin, Ehrlich, Buckley & Przekop PC represents clients in all aspects of commercial lending. Our numerous years of experience in the fields of commercial lending, structured finance and securitization provides our clients with effective and efficient representation. We serve as national and regional counsel for large financial institutions engaged in originating, securitizing and servicing commercial mortgage loans, counsel for local banks originating commercial mortgage loans, counsel to servicers and purchasers of loans, and counsel to financial institutions in a wide range of commercial lending activities.

We have represented our clients in over 1,200 commercial mortgage loan origination transactions and represented our clients in the closing of more than ten billion dollars of commercial loan originations. This representation has included both loans originated with the intent to be securitized into commercial mortgage backed securities and loans originated with the intent to hold to maturity. 

We have represented servicers and lenders in hundreds of loan assumptions and loan modification transactions which has included transfers of beneficial ownership interest, title transfers, partial releases of collateral, loan extensions, work outs, and substitutions of property. This representation has included loans held by trusts of commercial mortgage backed securities and portfolio loans held by the originating lender.

The firm has handled every type of commercial real estate loan transaction from a small single tenant building to a $100,000,000.00 loan involving fourteen properties in eight different states to loan portfolios in excess of $100,000,000.00. We have handled a wide range of property types, including shopping centers, malls, offices, multifamily housing, industrial buildings, ground leases, hotels, and condominiums.

Through our continued conversations with our clients, we obtain an understanding of our clients’ needs in a transaction and provide cost effective services that meets their needs. In a loan origination transaction, our representation can include drafting and negotiating the loan documents, survey reviews, zoning compliance reviews, review of tenant leases and preparation of lease abstracts, drafting and negotiating tenant and other third party estoppel certificates and subordination agreements, review of recorded documents affecting the property, review of title and U.C.C. searches, review of borrower and principals’ organizational documents, review and consultation on ground leases, review and consultation on condominium documentation, preparation of assignment and restatement documentation in connection with the assignment of an existing loan, review of franchise documents and preparation and negotiation of comfort letters, drafting and negotiation intercreditor agreements, and review and preparation of documentation delivered in connection with the closing.

After representing a lender in the closing of a loan transaction, a lender can rely on Rubin, Ehrlich, Buckley & Przekop, PC to meet the lender’s continuing legal needs for the loan. This representation can include tracking and obtaining recorded documents and loan policies, preparation of closing binders, work out transactions, including drafting and negotiating modifications to the loan documents, loan assumption transactions, partial releases of collateral, preparing and negotiating loan purchase agreements and assignment documentation, and representing the lender in exercising its remedies under loan documents.

At Rubin, Ehrlich, Buckley & Przekop PC, our clients are our first priority. Our attorneys provide prompt and comprehensive responses to our clients’ questions and provide comprehensive insight to the structure of a transaction. Our experience, responsiveness and desire to satisfy your legal needs, result in a cost effective and efficient representation to you. To discuss how we may assist you in your legal needs, call us at the telephone number listed below or click on the Contact link above. 

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